Digital Manga Techniques

Computer-oriented graphic artists will appreciate this volume as the total how-to manual for creating Japanese-inspired manga artwork. The author clearly and comprehensively breaks down manga-style components in a way that allows artists to develop their own personal styles while creating professional-looking manga illustrations. He shows how to create manga artwork with all popular software packages, including Photoshop, Painter, and ComicWorks. Step-by-step illustrations explain fundamentals of digital drawing, inking, and coloring. The author also instructs on incorporating 3D graphics and mastering computerized cel-painting techniques. The book also offers inspiration for creating casts of colorful characters from all genres of manga artromantic bishoujo heroines, traditional samurai warriors, futuristic robots, and fantastic space pirates, among others. Filled with more than 300 how-to color illustrations, this book is the complete guide to the art of digital manga.”

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