Golf In the Comic Strips

As one of the oldest and most beloved sports of all time, golf has been parodied, satirized, and spoofed more than any other sport. It has been particularly popular within the world of cartoons and comic strips-from Beetle Bailey to B.C. to Peanuts, the sport of golf appears in thousands of Sunday funnies around the world. Golf in the Comic Strips features a collection of some of the foremost cartoonists as they capture the putts, drives, holes in one, bogeys, and birdies that illustrate the mysterious and rewarding allure of golf. From his collection of more than 4,000 cartoons and comic strips on golf, Howard Ziehm shares over 200 full-color, rare, and historic comic strips from more than 100 artists, including Clare Briggs (A Piker’s Clerk), Sidney Smith (The Gumps), Charles Schulz (Peanuts), Johnny Hart (B.C.), and Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey). Howard Ziehm shares insightful comments about the artists, the historical period of each strip, stylistic innovations and milestones, and artist-related information that offer a sense of what golf and the world was like in each era. Golf in the Comic Strips is an essential addition to the libraries of all golf lovers and cartoon fans. Howard Ziehm is the writer and creator of a self-help, vocabulary-expansion series, including Wordbank (Simon and Schuster), and Wordbuilders (Bantam Dell). Currently, this nine handicapper operates several entertainment ventures, including Golftoons, a golf entertainment company, and resides in Malibu, California.

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