Li’l Abner: Dailies

Description from back cover: On Monday, August 13, 1934, eight newspapers commenced printing an obscure comic strip by an equally obscure cartoonist about a family of poor hillbillies living in Kentucky. Before the cartoonist retired with his creation 43 later, Al Capp’s Li’l Abner had become internationally famous, syndicated in over 900 newspapers worldwide and avidly followed by millions. Over the years, Capp and Li’L Abner were twin centers of both outrage and delight. Capp’s trenchant outlook and sharp wit found voice in his comic strip and he seldom lacked an opinion about any facet of the national scene. John Steinbeck called him the greatest satirist since Laurence Sterne and recommended that he be considered for a Nobel Prize in literature. Others recommended that Capp be boiled in oil. Through all of it, Capp remained true to his personal vision of what Li’l Abner should be, and in the process, made it the greatest comic strip of all time. nnThis is the first volume of a projected 54 volume set which will reprint, for the first time, the complete daily and Sunday run of Li’l Abner. This book reprints the 1934 and 1935 daily strips and includes an introduction by Catherine Capp, the artist’s widow and first assistant on the strip; an article by Capp, tracing the early years of Li’l Abner and its characters; and an article recounting Capp’s early life and career.

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