500 Great Comicbook Action Heroes


Foreword by Will Eisner!

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Superman, Batman, the Flash, Sheena of the Jungle, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Blade, Vampirella, the Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man! In addition to these well-known masked and costumed crime fighters, readers are introduced to hundreds more relatively obscure but equally fascinating characters in this collection of comic book heroes that spans the decades from the 1930s to the present day. As Will Eisner, the famous creator of many comic book heroes says in the foreword to this book, “Perhaps the most significant contribution of heroes into the popular literature of the 20th century was made by the form of graphic narrative known as comics.” Serious comic book collectors, general fans, and every reader who is interested in pop culture’s history will want to add this book to their personal collection. Hundreds of reproduced covers and pages are presented with succinct written histories of all the major comic book heroes from America and Britain. The fabled crime fighters are presented under categories that include male heroes, female heroes, teams, newspaper heroes, war heroes, western heroes, and sci-fi heroes. Combining detailed text with a wealth of full-color archive reproductions, “500 Comic Book Action Heroes” celebrates the great caped crusaders and fabulous females from the fascinating world of comics. RESSALVA: O exemplar possui 3 páginas recuperadas (impressa a laser em cores, que não afetam a leitura ou a referência do exemplar).

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