America’s Great Comic Strip Artists


16 of the most gifted artists of the comic strip!

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By focusing on the life and work of 16 of the most gifted artists of the comic strip, Richard Marschall not only celebrates their individual achievements but tells the beginnings a century ago to the present. 300 illustrations, 150 in full color. This book of Comic-Strip Artist’s is, to put it simply, fantastic. Comic strips grew out of cartoons into daily strips in the 20’s.They reached their greatest level of popularity and artistic quality, as well as content, in the 40’s to the 60’s.I was born in 1935,so was fortunate to have followed and enjoyed the strips from my pre teen years for many years.Through those years,virtually everyone who could read,followed the strips and knew many characters,particularly those strips that were carried by their local newspapers.Although the characters and stories were what attracted the fans,the artwork was amazing.Generally the artwork of the strips would begin as simple basic line drawings,but as time went on,it improved imaginally and became excellen graphically.All this is easily to see as you go through this large book with a plethora of reproductrons covering the strips from their beginnings to the time this book was published in 1989,.By 1989,the popularity of the strips had waned to a great extent.Not only that,the few great artists ,such as Chester Gould with Dick Tracy,Walt Kelly with Pogo,Al Capp with L’il Abner etc.,,have pretty much become a thing of the past;and where the strips have continued,the quality,particularly the artwork,doesn’t begin to compare with what you’ll see in this book,especially in the second half of the book.Personally,I don’t bother with the strips anymore that are in the newspapers anymore,and am not surprised that not even my children or grandchildren ,or anyone else I know ,follow the strips anymore.

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