The Collected Works of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century


A careful selection from the comic strips which ran from 1929 to 1968.

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A tribute to the creators of a genuine American culture-hero who became a source of inspiration and ambition to millions. Historically significant compilation of the early Buck Rogers newspaper strip in a hardcover large scale volume. This includes some of the Sunday color segments, several of the early artists and a forward by Ray Bradbury. Its fascinating to see what they thought “the future” might be like back in the early 30’s. Buck Rogers was one of the first space age characters whose success resulted in many others being created like Flash Gordon. This compendium of story lines was originally published in 1969 before there were very many of these sorts of compilations, much less graphic novels so prominent today. I especially enjoyed the varying art (including costume) styles over the years which represented their eras. It’s a great time capsule of cartoon/comic sequential art in the era when there weren’t many heroes (only Tarzan and Buck then Dick Tracy later …Superman created 10 years after Buck). Anti-gravity backpacks, rocket ships, invasions from Mars, flying cowboys and mad scientists. Lots of action and femme fatales.

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Ray Bradbury,

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