The Anime Encyclopedia

Here is the long-awaited, biggest guide ever, the absolute must-have for every fan, collector, library, and video-store browser. Included are over 2,000 Japanese animation films-from today’s “PokA(c)mon,” “Tenchi Muyo, “and “Sailor Moon” to the classic “Tetsuwan Atomu” (“Astro Boy”) and little-known artistic gems like the anime life of Mozart-with key personnel, running time, studio, alternative titles, cross references, critical comment, and sex/violence warnings. Illustrated and fully indexed.Jonathan Clements has translated over 70 anime and manga and was editor of “Manga Max” from 1998-2000. Helen McCarthy is former editor of “Anime UK” and “Manga Mania” and author of “The Anime Movie Guide,” “Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation,” and, with Jonathan Clements, “The Erotic Anime Movie Guide.”[box]Also available”Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation”PB, $18.95, 1-880656-41-8 CUSA

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