The Business of Comics

Here is the only book available devoted to the specific business practices of comic professionals. This informative guide was written to help comic artists get their stuff published and find work in the industry. It includes interviews with over 40 comic professionals as well as samples of their artwork. These interviews, as well as pithy quotes peppered throughout the book, provide first-hand advice about how to make it in the comic industry. The book includes chapters on: An Overview of the Industry, Preparing a Professional Portfolio, Making Introduction at Conventions, The Successful Interview, How to Get Valuable Critiques, The Legal Side of the Business, Copyrights and Trademarks, Taxes and Bookkeeping, How to Get Your Second Job, Alternative Job Opportunities in Comics and Related Fields. Plus extensive appendixes with lists of comic conventions, art schools, publishers and distributors as well as sample contracts, submissions guidelines and a guide to self publishing.

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