The Comic-stripped American

CONTENTS: Foreword Introduction The Comic Page, Values and American Society; PART I. THE INNOCENTS: THE FIRST GENERATION OF COMICS The Yellow Kid: Urban Poverty in the Good Old Days The Katzenjammer Kids: Infantile Disorders of the Left and Right and Center Mutt and Jeff: The Politics of Failure Krazy Kat: The Social Dimension of Fantasy PART II. THE MODERN AGE COMICS: THE SECOND GEERATION–OR AFTER THE FALL! Little Orphan Annie: The Abandoned Years Buck Rogers: The New Renaissance Hero of the Space Epics Blondie: The Irrelevance of the American Husband Dick Tracy: The Avenger–Evangelical Protestant Style Flash Gordon: The Triumph of the Democratic Will Batman and the Archaic Ego: The Aristocrat as Reformer Pogo and His Friends in the Okefenokke Swamps: A Study in the Irony of Democracy Peanuts: The Americanization of Augustine PART III. THE AGE OF CONFUSION: THE THIRD GENERATION OF COMICS Marvel Comics: Machines, Monster, and the Myth of America Eroticomics: Or “What Are You Doing with That Submachine Gun, Barbarella?” Mr. Natural and His Friends From the Underground: Infantile Disorders of the Cerebellum and the Crotch.

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