The Supervillain Book

Drawing from sources in comic books, film, live-action and animated television, newspaper strips, toys, and manga and anime, The Supervillain Book exhaustively explores the extraordinary lives and careers of hundreds of overachieving evildoers. This definitive A-to-Z guide to supervillains’ nefarious masterminds, sinister societies, and destructive dominators that have battled super- and other fictional heroes is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Superhero Book.A must-read for anyone ever enthralled with mythic wickedness, The Supervillain Book investigates each character’s origin, modus operandi, costumes, weapons and gadgetry, secret hideouts, chief henchmen, and minions, while serving a super-sized trove of fascinating trivia. It also takes you behind the scenes, describing the creation and development of these marvelously malicious, menacing, and malevolent characters. With 350 entries on pop culture’s most menacing masterminds, costumed criminals, sinister societies, and destructive dominators that have battled superheroes and fictional heroes of comics, TV, and film, this volume also includes 125 illustrations and a comprehensive resource section.

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