Explores the sources in real life of all the Tintin adventures, from the characters to the scenery. Tintin The Complete Companion starts where Tintin and the World of Herge stooped. An overview of the world famous comic character and of his adventures through the 23 titles of the complete oeuvre, the Complete Companion contextualizes Herge’s work replaces it in its historical period by showing side by side by side the drawings and the references used by the artist to establish believable backgrounds and realistic details. Also included are sketches, large number of sketches that Herge would rework and polish until he would fine the clearest, most easily readable line giving birth to a style that would later be called the Clear Line. While this book is clearly aimed at an older reading audience, its iconography and attractive layouts will also appeal to teen agers and young and old comic connoisseurs who are familiar with Tintin adventures.

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